What We Do

Operating across the fields of Agriculture, Commercial Property and Infrastructure, AAM Investment Group identifies, investigates, funds and acquires high quality investment assets for long term investment.  Once acquired, assets are actively managed to achieve optimal returns and long term value.


Managing and operating Australian agribusiness assets is a privilege which we do not take for granted.  Commitment to environmental sustainability and high levels of animal welfare are at the forefront of our thinking, and contribute positively to our long term value goals.


AAMIG has developed deep knowledge and experience in the management of agricultural, commercial property and infrastructure assets. It is what sets us apart and provides AAMIG with the ability to improve investment performance through considered goal setting, operational efficiencies, adoption of efficient technologies and targeted management.


In achieving long term investor value, we recognise that productive assets must be acquired in an expert manner, operated and maintained to preserve value and produce optimal return, and divested at opportune times, given market factors and investor requirements.  This is a complex and multi-faceted business, which can only operate efficiently and effectively when a pro-active management approach is adopted.  Operational management planning and asset lifecycle planning are a part of our DNA, ensuring that when reactive (crisis) management is required, we have the resources and capabilities to steady the ship and proceed with our plans.


Our strong relationships and networks with key industry figures provides further demonstrable benefits to our investors.

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