Community, Welfare, Governance

Strengthening Communities


Due to the nature and regional locations of our facilities, our operations have a significant impact upon the communities in which we serve.


We seek to engage with and support our communities – ensuring that, where possible, we maximise local employment, provide training for local workforces, and positively impact the economics and social fabric of the communities.


Our operations bring increased activity, impacting local business, school enrollments, transport infrastructure and tourism. Our investment in our localities is long term and sustainable, providing a basis for further growth and engagement.

Animal Welfare


AAMIG believes that animal welfare is a key responsibility of a livestock facility operator and is pivotal in the long term commercial viability of a Regional Livestock facility.


AAMIG believes that good animal welfare practices are:

  • Ethically correct;
  • Necessary from an industry image and marketing perspective; and
  • Important to ensure the safety and quality of the food products produced by livestock being transacted through facilities it operates and manages.


AAMIG’s policy is to be compliant with and exceed all industry standards. Specifically, we look to comply with the Model Code of Practice for the Welfare of Animals: Animals at Saleyards.



AAM believes that excellence in governance and regulatory compliance provides palpable business benefits for itself and its investment partners.


Our management is demonstrably committed to certainty and transparency for our client investors. Across the organisation, we seek for our clients to have confidence in our management and decision-making by ensuring that our governance and internal compliance procedures are effective and comprehensive. All processes are documented and reviewed at regular intervals.


We understand the fiduciary obligations we owe to our clients, and ensure that all employees and external service providers do also.

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